Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Final Planning, Final Chance For Discount To German Genealogy Conference

This year April 15 is not just the deadline to file your taxes.  It's also the last chance to get a discounted registration price for the 2019 International German Genealogy Conference, "STRIKE IT RICH! with CONNECTIONS 2 DISCOVERIES."

Hundreds of people with German ancestry will be coming to the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Sacramento, CA, from June 15-17.  Hosted by the Sacramento German Genealogy Society, conference information and registration can be accessed through the International German Genealogy Partnership website.

Planning for the conference is nearly complete.  It will include speakers from around the world and has drawn sponsorship from the major organizations in the larger genealogy world, including titans Ancestry.com and FamilySearch.org as well as MyHeritage.com and FamilyTreeDNA.

Reservations after April 15 will be accepted only on a space-available basis.  Likewise, special events such as a Friday night trip to a Biergarten, daily luncheons with marquee presenters, and a Sunday night banquet are also only being offered until they are sold out.

Join others from around the world who will be rushing to California in June 2019 for German genealogy gold.  REGISTER NOW!

Monday, March 18, 2019

Relax . . .Connect . . .Discover

AFTER the excitement of Conference sessions, join others to wind down in a relaxed setting at our evening “Connections 2 Discoveries.”  Saturday, June 15 and Sunday, June 16 from 5:15 - 6:15 pm.  

Our casual evening gatherings are offered as an opportunity for you to make connections and discuss various topics, geographic areas of interest, genealogical society networking, and much, much more.

Currently Proposed Connections:

Regional:  The Pommern Group, Bohemia…
DNA:  Sharing Results…
Under-Utilized Resources:  America, Germany, Europe…
Society Newsletters/Publications
Genealogy Through Quilts

What other connections would you like to make?

Please indicate your interest in the proposed offerings, suggest ideas for topics to round out this program, and let us know if you would like to facilitate a group or know someone who would.  

Contact Amy Chidester at:


with ideas, questions, and comments.  Your participation will make this a tremendous event!

Saturday, March 2, 2019

Meet IGGP Conference Presenter Ingeborg Carpenter

Ingeborg Carpenter is a native German and the president of the Sacramento German Genealogy Society.  She performs German research and translation duties, and teaches the old German script. Her interest is in social anthropology and as such she speaks frequently about the social aspects of our German ancestor's lives.   

Ms. Carpenter will give the Saturday keynote luncheon, which is sponsored by Ancestry, at the IGGP Conference. Her topic is “Forget What You’ve Heard!  The Real ‘Gold Rush’…A Woman’s View”. Her presentation offers a first-person account of the arduous travel to California, the conditions upon arrival, and the reality of life in San Francisco and Sacramento during the Gold Rush days, as experienced by a German woman.

If you haven't yet registered for Ms. Carpenter’s Keynote Luncheon, now is the time to do so!  

Learn more HERE.

Saturday, February 16, 2019

Meet IGGP Conference Presenter Dr. Michael Lacopo

Dr. Michael D. Lacopo is a retired small-animal veterinarian born and raised in northern Indiana.  Researching since 1980, he has lectured internationally and written for numerous periodicals and journals.  A self-described “all-American mutt,” his research skills cover a broad range. 

Dr.  Lacopo will give three presentations at the IGGP Conference:

  • “The ‘Forgotten Immigrants’: The Swiss To America”
  • “Using Mitochondrial DNA Testing for Genealogical Problem Solving”
  • “The German Immigrant Experience in the 18 th Century”. This is the keynote for the luncheon on Sunday, June 16th

If you haven't yet registered for Dr. Lacopo’s Keynote Luncheon, now is the time
to do so!

Learn more HERE.

Saturday, February 2, 2019

Meet IGGP Conference Presenter Dr. Roger Minert

With a doctoral degree in German language history, Dr. Roger Minert (BYU) has more than 150 publications and has spoken as family history conferences since 1991.  He directs the research program "German Immigrants in American Church Records" and recently published books on German census records and residential registration.

Dr. Minert will give three presentations at the IGGP conference:

  • "Residential Registration in Germany"
  • "Family History Research in the Territories of Modern Austria Since 1500" - given jointly with Charlotte Champenois
  • "Marriage and Courtship in Germany from 1500 to 1871" - This is the keynote for the luncheon on Monday, June 17th

If you haven't yet registered for Dr. Roger Minert's Keynote Luncheon, do so now, as it is expected to sell out.

Learn more HERE

Monday, January 14, 2019

Last Day For Early Bird Registration

January 15th is the last day for early bird pricing for the 2019 International German Genealogy Conference

To register now, click

Sunday, January 6, 2019

9 Days Left For Early Bird Registration

9 Days Left for
Early Bird Registration
to the
German Genealogy Conference

It’s rare that any genealogy conference is able to pull together speakers from around the world, but our roll call of 47 genealogy experts from five continents will descend upon Sacramento, California in June 2019 for the
International German Genealogy Conference – “STRIKE IT RICH! with CONNECTIONS 2 DISCOVERIES”. 

This conference will feature three full days of German-centric presentations in multiple tracks – Geographic, Technology, Advancing Your Research, and more. Our all-star cast of presenters will share their expertise in German genealogical research techniques, tools, and more. 

Conference sessions will focus on all aspects of German genealogy through multiple educational tracks. An all-star cast of presenters from the United States, Germany, Austria, Australia, Israel and Brazil will share their expertise in German genealogical research techniques, tools and more.

To register for the conference CLICK HERE